CHINA HERITAGE QUARTERLY China Heritage Project, The Australian National University ISSN 1833-8461
Nos. 30/31, June/September 2012


Foreword | China Heritage Quarterly

The China Critic: 1928


The first issue of The China Critic appeared on 31 May 1928, and its publication was prefaced by the following 'Foreword'.—The Editor

The beautiful month of May, in the life of the Chinese Republic, has been marred by three ugly events: the Twenty-one Demands of 1915, the May 30 incident of 1925, and the Tsinan affair of three weeks since. The appearance of The China Critic at the end of this ill-boding month may well mark the beginning of a happy era, dedicated as it is to a better understanding between China and the other Powers. The need has long been felt for a representative publication independent alike of governmental control and popular prejudices; such a need we hope may be met by this publication. The China Critic is a voluntary enterprise of a small group of Chinese who are interested in a fair presentation of all issues arising between China and the other Powers and whose sole purpose is to just to all, ready to defend China's rights and equally ready to admit her shortcomings. Only thus may we hope to strengthen the friendly relations between China and the outside world; only thus may we hope to prevent the repetition of events that have made the month of May so unhappily memorable.